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Lost Wax Investment Castings  Sand Castings  Centrifugal Casting  Pressure Die Casting
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The combination of extensive sand casting experience, rigorous product and process control systems, a broad range of alloys and sizes poured especially large sizes, and comprehensive non – destructive evaluation capability combine to define Aditya Engimach as a best supplier in sand castings.

We are committed to technical advancement in the development of new alloys, which are heat resistant alloys to compete with difficult environments. We leverage our manufacturing expertise in new proprietary and hybrid process targeted to give you the best product at a price that represents true value.

Our engineers are dedicated to work concurrently with those of our customers to provide high performance products that are manufacturable, and cost effective.
  Sand Casting
Lost Wax Investment Castings  Sand Castings  Centrifugal Casting  Pressure Die Casting
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